• São Carlos is a pioneer in sustainable buildings in Brazil. The company actively manages its properties and seeks, through certifications from LEED® - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, to reduce both the environmental impact and operating costs of its buildings, adding value to its portfolio and its clients.

  • In 2008, Eldorado Business Tower, a partnership between São Carlos and Gafisa, was the first building in Latin America to receive LEED® Core & Shell (CS) Platinum certification due to its pioneering use of such technologies as segmented air conditioning and the transfer of dissipated energy in the descent of elevators to the ascent of others.

  • In 2011, the company received LEED EB O&M (Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance) Silver certification, which is granted to buildings that present a good performance in regard to monitoring expenses, thanks to the adoption of a number of measures, including the rainwater capture , the indoor air quality measurements and the use of Green Seal cleaning products.

  • In 2013, the City Tower Condominium became the first multi-business building in Rio de Janeiro to receive LEED® E&B (Existing Buildings) Gold certification. The works included the use of LED lighting, the rainwater capture , the installation of green roof and the use of individual water and electricity meters.

  • In 2013, following the retrofit project, São Carlos received LEED® Core&Shell Gold certification for the Centro Empresarial Região Portuária in Rio de Janeiro, thanks to the creation of efficient lighting and water reuse systems, a bicycle parking rack and a garden terrace. Pollution and resources were subject to strict control throughout the works.

  • In 2014, the company received LEED® E&B Silver certification for the Corporate Plaza building in São Paulo. The alterations to the property included renovation of the air conditioning system, general maintenance of air conditioning infiltrations and efficiency; selective waste collection; and the use of personal mugs instead of disposable cups.

  • In 2015, the company was awarded its 6th sustainability seal with the LEED® Core & Shell Version 3 Gold Level certification of Ed. Jardim Europa. The improvements include rainwater harvesting with 100% reduction of the consumption of water for irrigation; reuse of the existing structural elements with a 91.4% reduction of the need for demolition.

  • In 2015, EZ Towers received LEED® C&S Gold certification. The building obtained a reduction of 14% in energy consumption and 40% in water consumption through the use of high-performance glass, elevators with a regenerative braking system and water flow reducers. In addition, regionally sourced materials with high levels of recycled components were used.

  • In 2015 the company received the first Qualiverde certificate developed by the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro . Ed. Candelaria 62 underwent a retrofit that included the use of windows with high acoustic performance, LED luminaires , wastewater treatment and reuse system (given 100 % of the water required for operation ) , solar heating, rainwater harvesting tanks, and others.

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