São Carlos begins operations at the end of 1989, as a subsidiary of the retailer Lojas Americanas S.A. At first, the Company operates in the development and management of shopping malls in order to support Lojas Americanas’ expansion in the countryside.

Lojas Americanas’ real estate assets are spun-off and São Carlos becomes a publicly-held Company, its shares are listed in Bovespa and it has no corporate relationship with its former parent company.
The business model is aimed at investments in office buildings.

São Carlos joins BM&FBovespa‘s Novo Mercado corporate governance segment and holds an IPO, raising approximately R$350 million to invest in the expansion of its activities. In the same year, the value of the Company’s portfolio reaches R$0.6 billion.

After several acquisitions, São Carlos’ portfolio has 48 properties and reaches R$1.8 billion. Of this amount, R$1.2 billion corresponds to office buildings.

São Carlos begins investing in convenience centers through its subsidiary Best Center. São Carlos’ portfolio reaches R$3.0 billion, 92% of which corresponding to office buildings.

São Carlos acquires EZ Towers – Torre A, one of São Paulo’s most modern, high-end office buildings with a GLA of 47,000 sq.m., for R$564 million – the largest acquisition of the Company’s history.

São Carlos is ranked 1st among the companies that most grow in Brazil, by the Exame magazine “Best and Biggest”.

In a year of intense portfolio recycling activity, São Carlos sells three consolidated properties for R$418 million: Centro Empresarial do Aço, the Mykonos building and 37% of the Morumbi Park building.

São Carlos’ portfolio closes the year at R$4.1 billion, 88% of which corresponding to the Office segment.

In December 31, 2018, São Carlos celebrates its 20th anniversary as an independent Company.

Throughout the year, the remaining share in Morumbi Park Building and the two plots of land adjacent to Jardim Tietê are sold.

Through SC Living, our platform aimed at the residential property for income segment, we acquired GO850, a development located in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo. The investment, in a partnership with JFL Realty, totaled R$109,5 million, R$65.7 million of which from SC
In the Office segment, we invested R$172 million in the acquisition of two developments: Alameda Santos 2477, and Paulista Office Park.
At Best Center, investments in acquisition totaled R$454 million, with an 85,600 m² of GLA.