Purpose and Values

Over the years, São Carlos has built a solid reputation arising from the excellent results achieved with ethics and respect for the law. The success and assurance of the Company’s continuity are based on our purpose and values.


Create the ideal environment for a sustainable life and successful businesses


Our employees’ actions are based on the principles defined by São Carlos, have a broad vision of the business, act with a sense of urgency, and pursue excellence in everything they do.

  • Owner attitude – We take care of our business as a whole, always acting with a sense of urgency and the constant pursuit of excellence
  • Team – Our greatest asset is our good people who work as a team
  • Meritocracy – We make decisions based on the best ideas and reward our people according to their performance
  • Customers – We create value for our customers, tailoring our offers to their needs
  • Ethics – We act with ethics in everything we do


Highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the real estate market allow São Carlos to deliver higher results for its shareholders and anticipate customer needs