Our People

Our People

The greatest asset of São Carlos is to have outstanding people working as a team. The Company is always up to date, integrating diversity and inclusion programs into its agenda. Our goal is to create a more pluralistic and respectful work environment, fostering attitudes and constructive debates that impact the whole society

Internal Policies

Equity Policy

Gender Equity: 50% women and 50% men – 42% of executive leadership female.

Conscious Consumption

Conscious way of consuming water and energy, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact. We have a significant policy to reduce plastic and the use of paper.

Lectures and Training

Encouraging healthy dialogue, and prepare a series of lectures and training sessions on topics such as diversity, inclusion and leadership.


Encouraging the well-being of employees and many initiatives that allow taking care of both physical and mental health. In addition to providing better quality of life, e.g the policy adopted for hybrid work.

Social Programs

Throughout the year, the Company carried out several social projects focused on generating a positive impact on society, such as donations of toys on Children’s Day, solidarity Christmas, etc.